Garden Time

As are all aware, my garden got off to an extremely slow start this year.  Just because I love my peppers by no means infers that I am a pepper gardening expert.  This is my third year doing this and I learn something new every year.  This years take away was be sure you garden is getting enough nutrients.  If it is not then there are a whole host of things you can do.  I stumbled across compost tea.  About mid way through the season I was totally flummoxed as to why my plants were growing so slowly.  I remembered a YouTube video that I had seen explaining how to nourish your garden with compost tea.  I gave it a shot and it worked so well I shared the video with all of you in my post entitled The Compost Tea Miracle.  The minute I started using that compost tea my garden started booming.  However, I was afraid I figured it out too late.

I am happy to say my garden is doing well and it has been producing peppers for about two weeks now and they have been wonderful. I will even have enough paprika peppers to try my hand at making paprika from scratch.  Some of those peppers are drying as we speak.  That is a post I look forward to writing.  The bell peppers look amazing, they have yet to change color, but there is plenty of time for that.  The super hots on the other hand are just now starting to grow pods.  If the weather holds for the next month I should be good to go, and I will have super hot pepper powder to add to most of my foods.  There are so many foods that I cook over the winter that I can use these peppers to flavor.  It truly is an amazing cycle, fresh peppers all summer and pepper seasoning all winter.

My new job has cut into my blogging time… for now.  I am working shift work and I can never seem to get a solid schedule for writing.  This coming January there is going to be a big lay off.  I may end up having more time than I need.  Lets hope it doesn’t come to that though.  Always keep an optimistic out look in life.  No matter what your situation may be, there is always a solution to be found.


Smokin Ed’s Carolina Reaper Tasting

For our first pepper review we decided, actually I decided, to start off with the hottest pepper in the world.  Jessica is either crazy or really dedicated to this blog.  Watch Jess eat a Carolina reaper.  This tasting was a rough one for her, but she was a real trooper.  As you probably already know, our pepper garden got off to a slow start.  I have to give a special thanks to Andrew, my go to pepper guy for providing the pepper for our tasting.  He grows the best peppers I have ever tasted.  Thank you Andrew!


Trees vs. Light

I like trees, I think most people like trees.  Yep I am a fan of the tree.  I live in a heavily wooded area, and it is beautiful.  The trees in the fall are spectacular.  The trees displaying all the different colors of their leaves for all to see.  That being said, living in a heavily wooded area is not particularly conducive to gardening.  As you all know my garden got off to a slow start this year, now with the hours of daylight getting shorter and the trees looming from all sides, my garden has gone from wonderful growth to the growth that one would equate with a dripping faucet.  The peppers are all there, waiting to ripen, but the less sun, the slower the ripening process.  In the summer, my garden will get 8 to 10 hours of light a day.  That’s not to bad, the problem is that window of 10 hours of light a day only lasts for about 25 days.  Then it starts to go down hill fast.  Most of my peppers are almost ready to pick, but the super hots are still in the flowering/bud stage.  Last year they came in just before the first frost.  I hope the same happens this year but the days seem to be getting cooler earlier.  Yes I love trees, I also love gardening, the two do not mix well however.  I have my fingers crossed that my super hots come in.  I will keep you all posted as always… Wish me luck, and lets hope mother nature gives me enough time.

Bell Pepper Deliciousness

I am back from my short blogging hiatus, and I come back with a new recipe that I came up with.  If you were to think of lasagna with out the noodles stuffed into a pepper half, that is essentially what this is.  The ingredients can vary depending on your taste.  This recipe is one that is meant to be played with.  I hope you enjoy it as much as my wife and daughter did, and yes, even my granddaughter smiled after tasting it and her review was “nummies”.  I hope you try it.  If you decide to change it up I would love to know.  Let me know what you did and how it was.


You will need:

2 bell peppers ( I prefer red)

Sweet Italian sausage

Ricotta cheese (about 1/2 a cup depending on the size of your peppers)

Shredded cheese of your choosing

Mushrooms (or any other veggie you fancy)

Your favorite tomato sauce (We like to make our own.  If you would like that recipe feel free to comment and I will post it)

2-3 tbs olive oil


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the sausage from the casing, crumble the meat into a frying pan and brown off with a little olive oil.  Set aside your sausage for later use.  Cut your bell peppers length wise to form a boat of sorts.  Remove the seeds, the ribs and the stem. Be sure to rinse your peppers after you do this to remove any left over seeds.  Spoon enough ricotta cheese in the bottom of the pepper, spoon in enough sauce to just cover the ricotta, place a layer of mushrooms on top of that.  Put your browned sausage to fill out the rest of the pepper, you can heap the sausage a little in the pepper.  Spoon some more sauce onto the sausage.  Place in the oven for about 30 minutes or until the peppers are soft.  Remove from the oven and cover with the shredded cheese of your choice, I think the pizza blend or mozzarella works best.  Place back into the oven for 10 to 15 minutes until the cheese is melted and just starting to brown.

Remove from the oven, plate, and enjoy.


Heartbreaking Dawns Cauterizer

We have a new review with some funky flavors.  Will our ever faithful hot sauce taster like this sauce?


The Compost Tea Miracle

As most of you already know, my peppers have not been doing to well this year.  They have not been growing at the rate they should.  I got a lot of great advice from some of my readers, but nothing seemed to work.  I then remembered a youtube video that I saw.  It was about compost tea and how great the results were.  I looked up the video (which I have posted at the bottom of this article).  It was too easy not to try.

Simply put compost tea is just what it sounds like.  You take some finished compost, about 2 or 3 hand fulls, put it into a five gallon bucket.  Fill said bucket with water and stir.  Let it stand for a day or two.  Stir it a few more times while you are in the waiting process.  After a day or two use the compost tea to water your garden.

I have been watering my garden a few weeks now with nothing but the compost tea and whatever rain mother nature decided to provide.  The results have been amazing.  The peppers went into a growth spurt unlike any I have ever seen.  The plants are flowering and producing peppers.  In another week or two I should have my first little harvest.  Whether you are having problems or not I would recommend this method.  A big thanks to Ray for posting this on his site and saving my garden!


Blair’s Ultra Death Hot Sauce Review

It looks like the Jersey boys can make hot sauce.  Check out this review of Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce.