Trees vs. Light

I like trees, I think most people like trees.  Yep I am a fan of the tree.  I live in a heavily wooded area, and it is beautiful.  The trees in the fall are spectacular.  The trees displaying all the different colors of their leaves for all to see.  That being said, living in a heavily wooded area is not particularly conducive to gardening.  As you all know my garden got off to a slow start this year, now with the hours of daylight getting shorter and the trees looming from all sides, my garden has gone from wonderful growth to the growth that one would equate with a dripping faucet.  The peppers are all there, waiting to ripen, but the less sun, the slower the ripening process.  In the summer, my garden will get 8 to 10 hours of light a day.  That’s not to bad, the problem is that window of 10 hours of light a day only lasts for about 25 days.  Then it starts to go down hill fast.  Most of my peppers are almost ready to pick, but the super hots are still in the flowering/bud stage.  Last year they came in just before the first frost.  I hope the same happens this year but the days seem to be getting cooler earlier.  Yes I love trees, I also love gardening, the two do not mix well however.  I have my fingers crossed that my super hots come in.  I will keep you all posted as always… Wish me luck, and lets hope mother nature gives me enough time.


6 thoughts on “Trees vs. Light

  1. Lovely photos! We have lots of surrounding greens around our house too but fortunately not a single tree around the house which made the gardening easier! (now if only my mother would listen to me and switch to city water so we can go back to gardening!)

  2. I wish you the best of luck! I have one Serrano pepper plant that has one red one ready, the others are green but that is how they sell them in the store. I can probably harvest them at any time at this point. I think I counted about 20 peppers on the plant so far! I hope you get the “hots” to finish them!

    • The super hots have a 120 day plant to fruit cycle, they are there, but small and green. I hope they ripen before the end of September. You are correct about the Serrano peppers, you can harvest them any time now. It sounds like you got a great yield from that plant.

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