Life Happens… Update

I just wanted to do a quick post to give you all an update on the situation with Frankie.  First of all, thank you all so much for your kindness and understanding.  I was truly surprised by the outpouring of kindness and  concern.

We got the results back from Frankie’s tests.  She has several herniated disks in her back and this is causing an interruption in her motor functions.  She is in a lot of pain, and she won’t lay down due to the pain it causes, she stumbles and she cannot raise her head above her shoulder.  This may sound bad… and it is.  However, its not cancer which is what the vet was suspecting, and that is great news.  It is treatable and she may even be able to heal totally.  Not bad for a 14 year old dog.  It will just take a lot of time and more TLC for this wonderful dog.  I don’t mind caring for her at all.  As I have said in the previous post, she was with me when a good meal was buttered noodles and cornflakes.  She gave me loyalty and love then, now its my turn to give her a helping hand.

Needless to say I am a bit behind in my blogging duties due to all of this, but fear not.  This Saturday Jess will be coming over for dinner and some great hot sauce tastings.  We will have it filmed and posted for next week.  Also my garden… in spite of all the issues I have had is exploding with growth.  I also have some great recipes lined up.  I am particularly looking forward to the spicy compound butter and chicken.  So keep checking back, I have some great content lined up.  Again, thank you for all the kind words and support.


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