A Bad Year… So Far

In my last post “The Great Ant Invasion of 2014” I wrote about how ants were decimating my pepper garden.  I have since treated for the ants and I am glad to say there are no signs of any ants in my garden.  But not before they did considerable damage.  I gave a close inspection of the garden today and I found slugs.  There seems to be no end to the problems this year. Slugs are yet another pest that can do a lot of damage to a garden, thankfully I know how to treat for them as well.  I will treat for the slugs and keep my fingers crossed.

I also thought there may be too much nitrogen in the soil because my plats are a tad on the yellow side.  I did some research on that and as it turns out, nitrogen does not cause yellowing.  I am not sure why I thought it did, I may have been given some incorrect information at some point.  I guess the internet doesn’t know everything.   Excess nitrogen will cause your plants to be lush and green, but they will not flower.  So its back to the drawing board on that one.  My apologies for passing along bad information.

The other problem I had was the plants were not growing as they should be.  They were still on the small side, and they still are.  They did grow a bit more and there are new leaves that look healthy on most of the plants.  That is a good sign so this year may not be a total bust after all.  Between the ants, slugs, and the yellowing it has been a bad year.  I am confident I can save the garden (famous last words) because it is still very early in the growing season.  So keep your fingers crossed for me.  If anyone out there has any suggestions please feel free to comment.  I am open to trying anything at this point.


9 thoughts on “A Bad Year… So Far

  1. You can do it! (Imagine really poor imitation of that odd guy who is always in Adam sander movies, namely the Water Boy) Fingers crossed. I’m totally ignorant on the care and feeding of the plants, so I have no good remedies to share.

    • Yes it has rained for 5 days, then sun for two, its been this way for about 3 weeks now. My plants are in the ground but covered by a greenhouse tent. I suppose that doesn’t matter much as the ground all around is saturated. Not much I can do about that but wait. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Well darn. I hope you can get your plants on track. My husband planted some petunias from seed this year. They are nice and green and not one flower! I’ll let him know about the nitrogen, thanks.

    • They are still on the small side, but they are starting to flower. With all the rain we had in the beginning of this month I decided to let the ground dry out for a week or so and the plants seem to be back on track

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