A Better Burger

Memorial day weekend is a time that is typically marked by spending time with the family, cook outs, beer, fun and great conversation, and most importantly remembering all those who have served and sacrificed for our country.  At least that is my family.  I have heard some family reunion horror stories, and yes that is true even with my family from time to time, but then again it wouldn’t be family if everyone got along.  This memorial day weekend I am very happy to say that was not the case.  As I am sure you are all aware I love my food spicy, but that is not the case with everyone in my family.  I find the recipe below is loved by all.  It may not be as spicy as I like but the heat is there and the food is grand.  In order to make this wonderful meal you will need the following…

1 large poblano pepper

1 small yellow onion

6 cloves of garlic

2 1/2 lbs of ground chuck

Mince the onion, pepper, and garlic.  In a large bowl mix the ground beef the minced onion, pepper, and garlic, salt and pepper to taste.  Mix everything together using your hands, be gentle and don’t over mix.  Form the patties and grill.  It is that simple.  The poblanos, onion and garlic will cook in the beef giving you a wonderful burger with a little kick.

If you are like me and love your heat at ridiculous levels then you can feel free to use any kind of pepper.  I find the Trinidad scorpion adds more than enough heat.  Then there is always the wasabi mayo, but that is for another post.  I hope you all had a great holiday weekend.


4 thoughts on “A Better Burger

    • Thanks for reading. It was all great. I think I will have to post the marinated peppers and tomatoes next, that was a huge hit. The recipe has been in my family for generations, can’t wait to share that one.

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