The Little Pepper Plant That Could… Update

I have had this little pepper plant for over a year, going on two years now and it has been in a pot, under the lights in the grow room for its entire life.  It never flowered but it looked healthy enough so I kept it around.  I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of this plant.  I am not sure why, it wasn’t particular pretty, it wasn’t flowering, it had all kinds of problems and I was constantly tending to it.  I guess that could be why I kept it around. I had been caring for it and getting rid of mold, mushrooms, spider-mites, you name it and this poor plant has been through it.  A few weeks ago it started to flower, not many just a flower here and there, but it was enough to get me excited enough to write a post about it called The Little Pepper Plant That Could.  I have been looking over this plant now more so than I normally do because I was amazed at how mother nature always has a way of bringing life back when you would think it impossible.  This plant continued to flower and it had a bunch of flowers that have now fallen off and hopefully will turn into pepper pods.  I know its a super hot but I forget the exact type of supper hot.  I will keep an eye on this little guy and keep you all posted on its progress.  If things keep going the way they are this plant may produce the first pepper we review.  How wonderful would that be, a plant on the brink of death for two years produces our first pepper review pepper.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “The Little Pepper Plant That Could… Update

  1. Nice to see a plant being tended. I have a fig tree that’s the same kind of pathetic plant that just keeps defying the odds. Love to know what kind of peppers the persistent plant produces.

    • Thanks for reading, the plant is still doing fine, however all of those flowers have been turning brow and falling off stem and all. This one has me really stumped. I pollinated all of the flowers, it has fertilizer, water, lights no pests, the only thing I can think is the pH may be off in the soil. I will keep tending and trying to figure it out.

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