And it Begins

My little garden plot  has been empty for too long.  I have been cautiously waiting for the perfect time to plant all of those beautiful pepper plants that had arrived a few weeks ago.  I have been keeping them in a window that gets full sun and they are looking extremely happy.   The weather has been so schizophrenic over the past few weeks I dare not plant them.  I feared we would have some kind of freak frost, as did my go to pepper guy.  When I asked his opinion he said he was waiting.  I received an E-mail from him a day or two ago and he had his plants in the ground.  His e-mail was entitled “and the race begins”, hmmmm sounds to me like that was a bit of a challenge… Consider your challenge excepted go to pepper guy.   My goal was to wait until this weekend just to be safe.  My lovely wife Nicky did most of the work.  I had thrown my back out a few months ago and I am still feeling the effects of that, so no heavy lifting, digging, raking, weeding, or anything else an avid gardener like myself would be loving to do this time of year.  With the help of my wife we prepped the ground with all the needed nutrients, laid the weed matting and covered it with mulch.  The following day we planted the pepper plants, and the eggplants, we cant forget about the eggplants.  I know this is a pepper page, but I do love my eggplants and they compliment all kinds of peppers so well in so many kinds of dishes, as you will be finding out with a few of my upcoming recipes.

So with the pepper plants in the ground all we have to do is keep them happy and wait.  I have a range of peppers this year from sweets to super hots.  I am looking forward to having them reviewed by my lovely daughter Jessica.  We will be reviewing all of the peppers that we grow this year.  The reason we are doing this is because there are a LOT of different kinds of peppers all with their own unique flavors and varying degrees of heat.  A lot of people don’t know what any of these peppers look like let alone taste like.  So we plan to give them all a taste for you, let you know how hot or not hot they are.  We will also offer up some tasty ways to use the pepper we will be reviewing.  We are so excited about this upcoming season and the content that we will be able to bring to you. Its going to be a good year, and I intend to share it with all of you.


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