Salsa the Flavor Creator

If I had to choose a favorite condiment, or as I like to call them… flavor enhancers.  I would have to say that salsa would rank up there among my favorite condiments.  The best kind of salsa is fresh, home made salsa.  It is fresh, healthy, easy to make, and adds tremendous flavor to whatever dish you may be creating.  Salsa is just one of those foods that makes me happy no matter whatever else may be going on in my life.

You will need:

2 large jalapenos

1 poblano pepper

1/2 of a red onion

4 medium tomatoes

2-3 cloves of garlic

1 handful of cilantro

the juice and zest of one lime

Dice up the jalapenos, poblano, red onion and tomatoes and mince the garlic.  Give the cilantro a rough chop and combine these ingredients into a bowl.  Add the lime juice and zest and toss until well combined.  Put the bowl in the refrigerator and allow all of those wonderful flavors to mingle for about 20 – 30 minutes.  I hope you will use this simple recipe to spice up your life.


10 thoughts on “Salsa the Flavor Creator

    • Thanks. Its funny you should say you have fire roasted your veggies for the salsa, I was thinking about doing that for one of my grilling recipes. How did the fire roasted salsa turn out? I can only guess it was great, because fire roasting anything makes it better. 🙂

      • It did turn out great, it gives it all a bit if a more caramelized flavor from roasting that sweetens it a bit and then the charcoal gives it a nice smoky touch. You can also do a blend of some roasted and fresh veggies to get the best of both worlds, because fresh salsa is just so refreshing!

  1. I call fresh salsa “pico de gallo.” I agree, fresh is absolutely fabulous! But fire-roasted salsa is awesome too, I made a batch of that last year from our bumper tomato crop and only a couple of weeks ago used our last jar of it. We tried to hoard it all winter to make it last, but we just loved it too much!

    • I will be doing a “spicy burger” recipe in the future. I think the fire roasted salsa would go great with those particular burgers. Thanks for stopping by and reading. I enjoy all the comments.

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