They Have Arrived

I decided to order all of the plants that I will be planting this year as opposed to starting some from seed and ordering the rest.  I have 13 plants this year 11 pepper plants and 2 eggplants.  This may not seem like much, but the amount of peppers these plants will yield, it is more than enough.  I am sure I will be giving some peppers away and preserving the rest.   I listed the pepper plants that I ordered in a previous post entitled Pepper Plans.  My daughter, Jessica, and I will be prepping the soil for planting today, though I do not think we will be actually planting peppers any time soon.  I do not trust the weather yet and we have had a few evening temperatures dip down into the mid to low 30’s this past week and the ten day forecast is not looking too kind either.  It is still too cold in the evenings for me to risk planting these pepper plants.  I may hold off until the second week in May, just to be safe.

As I did last year I will be posting all about my success and failures in the garden.  It amazes me that, for as long as I have been doing this, I still find a way to mess something up every year.  That is why I originally started this blog.  I wanted to share my gardening journey with all of you good people while sharing and receiving gardening tips and tricks.  I figured this would be a great way to grow my gardening knowledge.  This blog  has been a greater success than I thought it ever could be.  For that I thank all of you for following and lending that much needed advice.

I am looking forward to the first harvest when I will get to cook with these peppers and share those recipes with all of you.  I am especially looking forward to cooking with the famed Carolina reaper pepper, the hottest pepper in the world.  Jessica and I are also looking forward to doing more hot sauce reviews, but we are really looking forward to doing some pepper reviews with the peppers I will be growing right out back.   It is going to be a great gardening season.


15 thoughts on “They Have Arrived

    • I have them in a window that gets good sun for now. Depending on the weather I will be planting them this weekend or the following. I love this time of year, looking forward to the year ahead. Thanks for reading.

    • The first time I ordered plants in the mail I was very skeptical, but they arrived in great condition. Now my worry is… when will the temperature stop dropping into the 30’s during the evening hours. I am looking forward to getting these guys into the ground.

  1. We don’t plant “in the ground” in my neck of the woods typically until after Memorial Day. Or when the last of the snow has melted off the top of Black Butte, which can sometimes be a week or few after that day. Just a bit of “local lore” here. 🙂 Good luck with your peppers! I’ve never been successful with them in our short growing season.

      • We’ve actually had success with tomatoes here in the ground, but never peppers. We do well with radishes (of course only 30 days to maturity), as well as carrots, potatoes, green onions, peas, beans, lettuce and spinach. But now we only have container gardens with herbs, plus some topsy-turvy tomato plants we can bring inside if it freezes.

  2. I can’t wait to read more about your pepper growing journey this season. I don’t have the luxury of a garden, but would love to have one in the future and grow my own peppers like you!

  3. Have you planted those babies in the ground yet?

    They are screaming for a larger pot, or the ground! Wouldn’t be surprised if they stopped growing till you gave the roots more room.

    • They are indeed in the ground and very happy. They have already grown another foot. I had to top some of them because they were already putting flowers out. I did not have to top any of the supper hots of course. I will be posting with some more pics in the next few weeks, thanks for checking in.

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