Pepper Plans

It is now spring, or so I am told.  With yet another nor’ easter on its way promising to give us more snow.  How much snow depends on which weather report you listen to, suffice to say I am absolutely done with the snow for this year.  As a matter of fact I plan to pretend its not snowing at all and go about my spring garden planning. I may even put on some shorts, a t-shirt and a ball cap while I do my planning.  My wife will not approve, but I will be  ignoring this snow storm and if she wants me she can find me in my own little world of sunshine and pepper plants.

This year I did not start my plants from seedlings.  I got a tip from a friend about a nursery nearby devoted to pepper plants. So I am going to give them a try.  I have gotten some plants from them in the past and it has worked out very well.  This year I am going to buy all my plants from them and see how the garden grows.  I will be planting 12, no wait, make that 10 pepper plants in the green house this year along with 2 eggplants.  I hope I will have some great pepper eggplant pairings for some delicious recipes that I will be sharing with you of course.  I am also looking forward to the grilling season and I am sure I will have a lot of pepper infused BBQ to share.  I am looking forward to so much this year.

This year I will be growing…

Almapaprika (hoping to make homemade paprika!)

Bananarama Hybrid (one of my all time favorite sweet peppers)

Big Bertha Hybrid (can we say STUFFING)

Big Red (I think I will be doing some roasting and preserving)

Calwonder Golden (this one will roast up beautifully along side Big Red)

Cherry Bombs (a little capicola, feta, some olive oil and a little time OH YEAH)

Jalapeno (really one of the most versatile peppers known to man ‘nuf said.)

Naga Morich  (ouch! hot)

Moruga Scorpion (ouch! OUCH! HOT HELP)

Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper (Wait… am I dead?  Did someone set me on fire?)

I can not wait to get these guys in the ground and harvest some peppers.  Spring has sprung, at least it has in my world (the voices tell me so).  Here’s to fun in the garden, sun, and soil!



8 thoughts on “Pepper Plans

  1. Sounds like a good start, don’t forget the sunscreen…. I have grown hot peppers and found if I put them near the sweet mild bells, the heat is diminished. Have you had any experience like that with yours?

    • I have if I collect the seeds and plant them the following season. I have never noticed hot peppers having less heat if they are planted near sweets. I will be looking out for that this year. Its an interesting observation. I have found that holding off on watering the super hots until they desperately need it will make them hotter.

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