The Little Pepper Plant That Could

DSCF1287As you are already aware, my first steps into the hydroponic arena have been more like a trip and a face plant.  I was in my grow room this past weekend and I had to declare defeat.  My little Carolina Reaper seedlings were indeed dead.  So I am now back to square one.  I will be planting 2 more seeds in a rockwool cube and when the seedlings are old enough to transplant into the DWC system I will post all about it.  While I was in my grow room, hanging my head in shame, I took notice of my little pepper plant that I have had for almost 2 years now.  This plant has been through it all, there were the spider mites, then the fungus, a transplant, shortly followed by the growth of  LOTS of mushrooms in its pot. I think the medium I used to transplant the pepper plant in must have been at a mushroom farm at some point.

Through it all this tough little plant has stuck it out and  has refused to die, so I refused to get rid of it.  As I said, I was in my growDSCF1285 room shaking my head in defeat when I noticed this little plant had some little buds on it.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, little pods have started to form.  I am not even sure what kind of pepper plant it is anymore, I think it is either a scorpion or a ghost pepper plant.  So I am now tending to this little plant, which should be a huge plant by most common standards, like a mother hen.  I have given it some compost and moved it to a more suitable area for light.  Nature always has a way of surprising me.  Just when I think a plant is down and out, they will sometimes surprise me and spring to life for no reason.  As if to say you humans have no idea what we plants are capable of.  I will keep a close eye on this one and post about its progress.


9 thoughts on “The Little Pepper Plant That Could

  1. That’s really cool. Have you tried coffee to speed up the pods? I know my father, when I was a toddler, had an accident called Frank that spilt coffee on his very small rubber tree. The thing couldn’t have been more than a couple of inches. Within a couple of months it was a couple of feet tall, and according to the man; in about a year it was as tall as he was (which is 6 foot plus). Wonder if it would work on peppers…

  2. I’ve been growing a ghost pepper plant in my windowsill for about six months, and three times it flowered. The flowers fall off and then nothing. How can I get it to start producing?

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