Winter Cold and Failures Abound

With the winter wind howling and the snow still flying in March, I am a little more than annoyed.  This is the time of year when I will typically survey the garden plot and decide what is going to go where.  I place my order for pepper plants and I get the seedlings I have been raising over the winter ready for planting by exposing them to the sun a little each day. With over a foot of snow on the ground I am thinking the planning and planting are going to be a little delayed this year.

I said I would share all of my triumphs and failures along the way with my hydroponic experiment.  I can honestly say that I did not think things could go so wrong.  It is no fault of the system or the method, but my fault alone.  I can not believe I made such a rookie mistake.   I came home on Friday, even with the trains running a little late but nothing that would normally make me too terribly annoyed, except for the fact that I was in the beginning stages of an illness.  My lovely wife had been battling this illness all week, it was pretty bad, so bad that the doc told her to stay home from work for a few days.  It is some kind of respiratory viral infection, and needless to say this virus jumped from my wife to me.  Oh joy!  I got home on Friday and checked the plants, gave them all a good watering and went about my regular routine, up until 5 O’clock or so.  It was then that the fever hit and the relentless coughing began.  I decided to get a jump on this by self medicating and getting as much rest as I could.  The next two days went by with me in bed and on Sunday the snow started so that was even more reason just to lay there like a lump until this thing was kicked.

I am happy to say that by Monday I ventured out of bed feeling a bit better, it was at this moment that I realized I had not checked on the plants since Friday evening.  I rushed to the grow room only to find two small wilted seedlings in a rockwool cube devoid of water.  I had not given them a drop of water in over two days.  Now to put this in perspective.  These seedlings had been sucking up all the water I gave them in a 16 hour period, so they had to be without water for a about 48 hours.  Like I said, such a rookie mistake.  Now they are still green which has given me some hope, I watered them and have been checking on them and it would appear that they are still limp and have not shown any signs of perking up.  So sad.  I may have to just start this little project all over again.  Back to square one as they would say.  I will give the little seedlings a few more days to perk up, at least until this weekend.  If I see no improvement I will have to let them go and begin anew.  That is how my weekend was, I hope you all had a much better one.


5 thoughts on “Winter Cold and Failures Abound

  1. I wouldn’t say that my weekend was better, but rather normal for me and how my weekends typically go.

    I’m saddened that the plants suffered such a cruel act by you, but I will forgive you because you were in bed resting because you were sick. Then I will ask that you turn out your hands and receive a slap on them for not asking your wife (provided she was indeed better) to be ever so kind as to give the poor peppers some love.

    Meh, things happen, and I appreciate the update. Even if it was a failure. But Mr. Miagi once say, if roots strong plant will come back. So let’s hope that they have strong roots and will perk up.

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