Troubles and Triumphs in the Hydroponic Experiment

DSCF1268I started on this adventure of growing my peppers via a DWC (Deep Water Culture) system not knowing how or what to do.  I did not even hear of hydroponics until I started blogging about my garden and the foods I love to cook.  With a lot of help from the hydroponic community I got everything I needed and decided to do a side by side comparison.  I would grow a pepper plant in soil and one in the DWC system.

I planted 4 seeds, 2 in a rockwool cube and 2 in regular potting soil.  I waited a week… nothing.  A second week DSCF1267came and went… nothing.  I began to doubt myself, did I not have them in the proper conditions?  Was my Ph balance off with the water I used?  Was there too much light?  Not enough light?  You get the picture.  I went into my growing room this morning and found the seeds had sprouted!  2 beautiful specimens in the rockwool cube and one in the soil.  I took a closer look at the sprout in the soil.  It has something growing on it that should not be there.  Some kind of fungus.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I have grown a lot of pepper plants in soil and I was sure this would turn out better than the rockwool cube.  I had more experience growing in soil.  I will need to put that experience to the test in the coming days if I am going to save this seedling.  I am also hoping the other seed in the soil will sprout.

I still need to research when exactly to put the seedlings into the DWC system.  I am looking forward to see exactly how fast these peppers grow.  I am still debating on whether or not to plant both seedlings in the DWC system or whether to thin out the weaker seedling.  Although I don’t like to kill any plant that is healthy.


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