Hydroponics – My First Step

Today I took my first step into the world of hydroponics.  I have been hemming and hawing about this area of gardening for a very long time. Every year I tell myself I am going to do it, and every year I find a reason to put it off to next year.  This year I made a few contacts through Facebook and this blog, and these new friends have told me that once I try this I will not want to do anything else when it came to indoor gardening.  This year we shall see if they are correct.

I normally have pictures to go along with my blog posts.  I have no pictures for this post.  Not because  I was lazy and did not feel like taking the pictures, although that would normally be the case, but rather because there are no pictures to take.  My first step into the hydroponic world consisted of me ordering everything I would need.  I have decided to try to grow one pepper plant in a DWC (Deep Water Culture) system.  I chose this method because it seemed fairly easy to set up and I am only doing one plant.  If this works I may try to do a lot of indoor plants with this method. Only time will tell.

I was going to order all the parts separately.  I figured it would have been cheaper to do it this way.  Before I started to place my orders with Home Depot and other stores of that ilk, I decided to check out Amazon, where I found an entire system already fabricated for the incredible price of 32 dollars.  You have to give Amazon its due.  It really does have the best buys out there.  So I got the kit from Amazon, and I got all the other things I would need to start this project;  seeds ( Smokin Eds Carolina Reaper ), rockwool, pH reader and solutions, nutrient solution for the growing of the pepper plant.  All of this came to just over 100 dollars.

I will post again when all of my newly ordered toys, I mean gardening equipment, get here.  I will have some pictures and hopefully I will be able to have directions for putting such a system together.

I am truly looking forward to growing these peppers and cooking with them.  I wonder what wonderful heat I will behold with this pepper.


2 thoughts on “Hydroponics – My First Step

  1. I can tell you that using an indoor system can be very nice. It can also be a lot more work than you bargained for. I wish you the best of luck. The only pictures I want to see of this project is a comparison; same plant indoor and outdoor grown; and commentary on which YOU preferred.

    • I think I can manage that. I am going to start them both in rockwool, one I will put in the DWC system and the other I will grow as I normally would. When it the plant is mature enough and it is warm enough I will put it in the garden with the other pepper plants. I am curious to see the difference myself.

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