DIY Chili Powder

This is a short little recipe but a great one. Once you find the joy of creating your own chili powder with the peppers and flavors that you enjoy, I predict you will never want to buy your chili powder again.

You can use any peppers you like, from the hottest to the sweetest. It all depends on your personal preferance, which is why I love this recipe so much. It is very personalized and each person will do it differently with amazing results.

You will need 15 – 20 large dried peppers or 30 to 40 small dried peppers. You can dry your own like I have or you can purchace dried peppers from the store. I used about 6 – 8 peppers in the pictues above so you can get an idea of how much powder you will get from that. 15 – 20 peppers will give you a much better yield.

Remove the stems and seeds.

Rough chop your peppers and place them into a blade grinder (coffee blade grinders work best, but I would not use it for coffee if you are grinding your own chili powder in it).

Turn on the blade grinder and shake. In a minute or two you will have a great chili powder that you can use to season countless dishes.


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