Pepper Dilemma

This plant just keeps on giving

This time of year is feast of famine for any peppers I may have gotten from my garden. I think I was a little over zealous with sharing my pepper harvest this year. It was such a great harvest and I had more peppers than I knew what to do with. I preserved some and gave away a lot to friends and family. Before I knew it I had just about run out of peppers. I still have some of the peppers that I preserved, some of the hot-sauce that I made and even some dried peppers waiting for crushing but for the most part I am fresh out of peppers. It looks like I will be heading to the local produce store to get more peppers to last me the winter. That is not such a bad thing since I know the peppers will be fresh and the flavor is outstanding, and lets face it, it is and should always be all about the flavor.

Ridley Park-20131030-00977With all that said and my mad dash for fresh peppers in the off season, I still find myself looking ahead to next years garden. I have the compost pile composting away, the ground treated and waiting for that first early spring planting. My lovely wife and I have started our grow list for next year and we thought it would be fun to get some suggestions from friends as to what type of pepper they would like to see grown. We will grow and feature this plant on this blog throughout the next growing season. So anyone who may be reading this please feel free to leave your best suggestion in the comments section. The plants that we have already decided on growing are listed below but we would still like three more plants to fill out the order. We are looking forward to seeing your suggestions.

2014 Pepper Grow List:
Moruga Scorpion
Carolina Reaper
Mitsi Lea Hybrid
Jalapeno Early
Calwonder Golden
Big Red
Banana Supreme Hybrid


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