Indoor Peppers, Tomatoes, and Friends

DSCF1183As you are all aware, I have been trying my hand at growing peppers indoors.  I started with the ghost peppers early in the season.  I have not allowed it to flower yet.  I am pruning it back once it reaches a certain height or width.  I think it is time to let this plant flourish.  As you can see by the picture I fear there may be something wrong with it.  The leaves have turned yellow on the edges.  I am not sure what this is, if anyone out there knows, please don’t hesitate to comment this post and let me know.

The more recent addition is my scorpion plant from the garden.  I got such DSCF1180a great yield from this plant and the peppers were so good I decided to try and over winter it.  I cut it back, dug it up and re-planted it.  I have not seen any new shoots, but the plant is still green so I hope it still has a shot at surviving.  I will keep everyone updated.

DSCF1171As for the rest of my indoor garden, it is doing spectacularly well.  We get a small harvest of tomatoes every couple of weeks.  It is not a lot, but it is enough for us to make a salad for two that always goes well with our main course, the basil and other herbs are still growing like gangbusters.  So all is well there.

On a side note, I had lunch with some friends the other day.  One of those friends was my “go to pepper guy” and he had a surprise for all of us.  He DSCF1186had taken a bunch of the peppers he had grown in his personal garden (mostly moruga scorpions), dried them and crushed them.  He gave a jar to each of us.  Lunch was a lot of fun with a lot of heat and even the restaurant staff tasted some of this wonderful stuff.  He calls it Moruga Madness, and that is a very fitting name.  I intend to use these crushed peppers in an upcoming meal, and I will post that recipe here.  I can hardly wait.


2 thoughts on “Indoor Peppers, Tomatoes, and Friends

  1. I’ve had some success growing peppers indoors. Basically, I was just keeping them alive before spring comes around and then I’ll have a head start. But I found them to be magnets for fungus gnats! Looking forward to your updates. — Angie.

    • It is funny you should say that. This plant has had a mushroom problem since day one. I keep clearing them out of the pot and they keep growing. I wish I knew weather or not they were edible.

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