Saving the Scorpions

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This is the week that it happened, the temperature dropped below 29 for 3 straight nights.  A friend of mine gave me the heads up a few days ago.  This gave me just enough time to make my decision.  I have been thinking about whether or not I should try to save my Trinidad scorpion plant and bring it indoors for the winter.  These peppers have given me the best hot sauce I have ever made; they were great to cook with and they were the key ingredient in the best chili I had ever made.  I guess that made my decision easy so I couldn’t bear to let this plant die.  So I went out and attempted my first outdoor to indoor transplant.

I researched how to do this the best I could with the time I had remaining to perform the task at hand.  I didn’t have the necessary pot, nor did I have enough of my potting soil to do the job.  I was not going to let this stop me, as they say; necessity is the mother of invention.  I found an old 5 gallon bucket and washed it out thoroughly and I punched some holes in the bottom for drainage.  I took the remaining potting soil I had along with some pete moss and filled the bucket up about 1/3rd of the way.  I then went to my garden with my little helper in tow.  You will have to forgive the grand pop for putting a picture of his beautiful granddaughter at the end of the slide show.  What can I say, she is too cute!  Anyway, I pruned back the pepper plant.  I know this looks sever, but trust me it will only help it become a stronger pepper plant for next year.  I carefully dug up around the roots of the pepper plant and placed the loose soil in the pot.  When the pot was filled up 2/3rds of the way I gently pulled up the loose pepper plant with its roots in tact and placed it in the pot.  My little helper gently placed soil around the roots until the bucket was full and the plant was ready to take inside.  We put the plant under the grow lights in the grow room. Gave it a thorough watering and we gave it some food.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  I really hope this plant survives the transplant.  Either way I will do some updates and we will see how well this pepper plant does or does not do.  With any luck, next year I will be having some more great peppers to spice up my food.


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