Help is a Good Thing

As I have said in past articles, I am no pepper guru.  I do find that the pepper head community is overwhelmingly helpful to anyone who is willing to learn.  I have had a friend that has been my go to guy over the course of this past growing season.  He has given me invaluable help, shared tricks, and has always come through for me with advice.  He has been able to answer all of my questions without hesitation.  For that I thank him! You know who you are.

I thought it only fitting to give him a thank you and to highlight his pepper garden in one of my posts.  He sent over a few pictures and I am always stunned at how healthy his peppers look.  I have made a rookie mistake or two this year, and my pepper garden was still amazingly productive.  Next year I intend to follow some of my go to guy’s advice on prepping the soil, and I am sure it will encourage even more growth than I got this year.

The peppers you see above are from my go to guy’s garden.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a garden next year to get online, get out into the pepper head community, find new friends that share your interest in gardening, and find that go to guy.  Everyone should have a go to guy!


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