Mushroom Madness

DSCF1076I have a bit of a problem. Actually I am not even sure if it is a problem. A few weeks ago I noticed something strange growing in my ghost pepper pot. I decided to let the interesting formation grow, I was curious to see what it was. Turns out they are mushrooms. I think they are oyster mushrooms, but I am not sure, which is a shame because if they are oyster mushrooms they are edible. I am not willing to risk my life over a mushroom though.

The growth of these mushrooms does not appear to be affecting the ghost pepper plant at all. In fact the ghost pepper plant is doing very well. I have pruned it several times and it keeps coming back healthier than before I pruned it. These mushrooms are not very pretty, and I think I am going to let them go for the time being. I would like to get an answer as to whether or not they are edible. If you know what these mushrooms are, please feel free to comment. If they are edible I will be sure to use them in a recipe, but I am not going to try to eat them unless I am 100% positive. Mushrooms can be deadly if you eat the wrong one.

In other non-pepper related topics, the four tomato plants that I am growing indoors this year are starting to produce wonderfulDSCF1072 tomatoes. They are called Tiny Tim Tomato plants. I have never tried growing anything indoors. I am very happy to say that these tomatoes are small but the flavor they impart is incredible. I have never had a more flavorful tomato before.

That about wraps it up for the indoor update this month. Again if anyone out there knows what kind of mushrooms are invading my ghost pepper pot, feel free to comment and let us know.


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