The Frost is Coming

IMG_20130915_132343_244I went out to the garden to check out how things were progressing during the harvesting season.  I must say I have had huge success with this garden.  I have had more peppers than I can handle.  My wife has been creating all kinds of great recipes to go along with all these peppers and life has had plenty of spice.  All of the pepper plants are still producing except for the jalapeño plant and that is only because it was overtaken by the scorpion pepper plant.  I did not know the scorpion pepper plant would grow to almost five feet.

My scorpion plant has literally hundreds of pods on it, but they are still not ripe.  So it is a race to the first frost.  I am nervous about losing all those peppers because of the coming frost.  I made the decision to wait it out.  I have it in a greenhouse so that should buy me a week or two.  By the look of all those pods it won’t be too much longer before they start to turn color.  I can hardly wait to harvest them and start cooking with them.  I am IMG_20130915_132302_541going to make an attempt at creating my first scorpion pepper powder but that is for another post.

My indoor ghost pepper plant is doing very well and I’m continuing with my pruning experiment.  I must say that the plant looks good.  Since it is indoors under the lights no need to worry about the frost or when it flowers.  It is very healthy and getting big.  I am starting to wonder if it will grow as large as the scorpion plant.  If it does I may have a bit of a space issue but I can deal with that if and when it happens.


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