Don’t Kill the Dog

Jasmine 1A few weeks ago I was in a very lazy mood.  I was on the couch like a lump, Xbox controller in hand.  The dog pranced in from the kitchen and she was acting very odd.  Her tongue was lolling out of her mouth, she was drooling and whining, just then I heard my wife call out to me from the kitchen.  Don’t kill the dog, but I think she got into the pepper garden. One look at the dog and I didn’t just think she got into the garden, I knew she did, and in fact had eaten some peppers.  I was angry, but more curious.  I thought I would go look at the garden the following day after work.

The following day I went into the garden and it looked ok.  No major damage, but what had she eaten?  I knew by the way she was acting the dogs mouth had to be on fire, she whined for about an hour after her garden thievery.  Then I looked more closely at my Hungarian peppers, there where three or four peppers the size of tennis balls on that plant and they were no longer there.  I took a look around the plant and saw one partially eaten pepper.  Could it be possible that my dog ate one pepper and was so stupid she ignored the burn and went for the next one and then oneJasmine 2 after that, and while munching on the fourth one she finally figured out “hey, my mouth is on fire, maybe its these peppers I am gorging on making my mouth hurt”.  In any case, I calmed myself, because I hadn’t even tried the Hungarian pepper yet.

I picked one that was ripe and took it into the house.  I asked my wife to wash it off and cut it up so we could taste it with the platter she would be serving for dinner.  When I tasted the peppers all I could do was laugh, they were pretty darn hot, not as hot as a super hot pepper but it could hold its own against the habanero pepper.  I don’t think the dog will be doing any midnight runs on my pepper garden any time soon.  I think she has learned a valuable lesson.  Always be sure you can handle the heat before you eat.


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