A Quick Pepper Update

A Quick Pepper Update 3Just when I thought I was going to have no scorpion peppers this year flowers started to appear. It is now the third week in August and I am told by a very reliable source that it takes about two months for a scorpion pepper to go from flower to ripe pepper. That is cutting it very close, which would mean these peppers will not be ready until mid to late October. I have all of my outdoor peppers in a portable greenhouse. I hope the greenhouse can extend the growing season into November. If that is possible I will be very happy.

I also mentioned a few posts ago that the scorpion plant had overgrown my jalapeno plant and it wasn’t producing anything. Usually by now I have already had 3 harvests off of my jalapeno plants. I am happy just to get one or two this year. It is amazing how plant life always seems to find a way to survive. These look like they are going to be huge and healthy peppers so I am very happy about this turn of events.

I recently harvested 5 or 6 cyan peppers that were ripe and ready to be picked. I will be drying these and making my own cayenne powder. I am looking forward to seeing how that turns out. As always I will be sure to post the method and outcome of my home made cayenne powder adventure.


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