Indoor Ghost Peppers

Indoor Ghost Peppers 1I wanted to try my hand at indoor gardening.  I decided to plant four small tomato plants and one ghost pepper plant indoors.  I created a grow room and have been tending to my plants ever since.  I have posted on this subject before, but I think it’s time for an update.  My ghost pepper plant has doubled since the last time I spoke about it.  I know that plants grown indoors never do as well as a plant grown in natural sunlight outside, so I was prepared to have a smaller plant.  It did, however, get big enough for me to have to re-pot it a few weeks ago.  After I re-potted the plant, it seemed to stop all growth for about a week and a half.  I attributed this to the shock of being re-potted.  The plant has gotten over the initial shock now and is growing quite nicely.

I took some tips on pruning from a few different sources.  One thing I have found is that with the pruning of the plant is that its main stem gets stronger and thicker after each pruning.  There are no flowers on my ghost pepper plant as of yet, but I am not too worried about this, as it is inside under lights in a controlled environment.  I am going to keep pruning the ghost pepper plant and see if I can’t get it to grow out instead of up, which is what it keeps trying to do now.

Since I have re-potted the ghost pepper I have to keep it on the floor because it is too big and heavy for the type of table I Indoor Ghost Peppers 2am using in my grow room.  On an interesting side note, my grow room happens to be in the same room where my dogs are kept whenever my lovely wife and I go out.  The plants on the table I am not worried about, but I do have some concern that one day I will come home to a chewed up ghost pepper plant.  So far so good however, it’s been on the floor for a couple of weeks now and the dogs have left it alone (knocking on wood).  Maybe they know this is not a plant to mess with.

I am not trying to focus on the actual flowering and pepper production of my ghost pepper plant.  I am trying to learn all I can about pruning.  This ghost pepper plant will be short and sturdy if all goes the way I think it will.  Once that happens I will concentrate on getting it to produce.  I am still a novice when it comes to indoor gardening and I am not sure if this will work out or not.  All I can do is keep pruning and keep posting.


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