Repotting the Super Hot

I decided to re-pot my indoor pepper plant.  This is the plant I am hoping will produce many many ghost peppers.  It has been doing very well and I was afraid it would soon out grow its pot.  So I got a very large pot and watched a few videos on how to re-pot a plant.  It looked simple enough.  I got everything I would need and placed it in an area that would be easy to clean up.  That is important because I assure you, you will make a mess.


I filled the bottom of the large pot with soil just enough so the plant I was putting in there would come to the top of the new pot.  I was nervous about taking the plant out of its pot, but that went fairly well.  I got a great tip from a friend, just place your hand on the soil of the pot you will be removing it from place the base of the plants stem between your ring finger and your middle finger, then turn the pot upside down and give a few shakes and the plant, along with the soil, should come out right into the palm of your hand.  All you have to do at this point is take the plant and soil and place it into its new pot.  Finish filling the sides of the pot with your potting mixture, give it a firm, not hard, press to make sure the plant is seated properly, and your done.  Be sure to water your plant right after you put it in its new home.


I am going to monitor the plant over the next few days to ensure it is doing well. If I run into any problems I will be sure to share the problem and solution with you.  Let’s hope I don’t have to do that, and that everything goes well.  I am looking forward to harvesting and cooking with the ghost peppers this plant is going to produce.


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