The Ghost Pepper Insanity

A few years back I had the interesting, and painful, encounter with a ghost pepper (Bhut Jolokia). Thinking I could handle any hot pepper the world could offer I tried it. I was wrong; the pain that soon followed my first bite was intense.  It was akin to having your tongue tattooed with a red  hot needle.  I have never eaten another one whole like that again.  I learned my lesson.  Everyone is curious but I can tell you its not a smart thing to do.  

In this video one of my coworkers wanted to give it a small taste, and was then goaded into eating the whole pepper.  He soon found out what real heat is.  He chewed it for about five seconds before spitting it out.  Be warned there is some graphic language in this video.  

Now cooking with the ghost pepper is an entirely different experience.  I love it.  If used properly. A ghost pepper can add some serious heat to any meal.  I plan on having a recipe or two in the future featuring the infamous Bhut Jolokia aka the ghost pepper.


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