Storm Growth

We have been getting hammered by storms for the past 2 weeks now. It has rained almost every night.  Even though my peppers are in a greenhouse the ground has been so saturated that I have not needed to water them at all.  I have left them for about a week and a half when I decided to go check on them.  I had been pinching the flowers off until recently in order to let the plants gain some growth before they started to produce peppers. I did not think a week and a half of not pinching off flowers would have made much of a difference. I don’t know why I assumed this, probably because I am a novice still.Image

Upon entering my pepper garden the first thing I noticed was a banana pepper about four inches long.  I couldn’t believe it the plants had all shot up about eight inches in height and have gained a lot of mass around the main stems. I still had no need to water them; in fact it was raining as I was checking on them.  I was posed with a dilemma however.  Should I pick the peppers and pinch off the flowers or should I let them go and see what happens?  I decided to let them go.  It was July 1st when I noticed this, the summer is already half way gone, so time to see what these plants can do.  As I have said this is my first time growing this many different kinds of pepper plants, so I am not sure how tall or bushy they should be.  They all look a bit on the small side, but the amount of peppers starting to grow is incredible.  I cannot wait to start pickling them at the end of the season, but that is for another article.

ImageFor now it is a waiting game, I will go out there every so often to ensure the peppers are safe and sound from any kind of pepper eating bugs or disease.  I can say I am very excited about the progress of the garden.  I am even having some wonderful results with my indoor pepper plant!  So all is well and I am happy with the way this season has turned out so far.  I seems like only days ago I was worried about what was eating my plants, but that has stopped and the growth has begun!

Thanks for reading, until next time.


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