The Great Bunny Annihilation of 2013

I did what I thought was right, I prepared the soil, I put the weed matting down, my daughter took over from there. She dug the holes to the proper depth, she planted our 11 pepper plants and we were quite proud of ourselves.  Then it happened, about a week after we got the pepper plants into the ground, I noticed some of the leaves were damaged.  The previous blog post was about this.  I looked at the damage and did some online research.  It looked like the kind of damage slugs were doing to other pepper plants shown in the pictures I found.

bunny 1So off to the store I went, I bought some “slug bait” and sprinkled it around the garden.  I had not actually seen a slug, but the conditions were ripe for slugs.  I checked the plants every day for the next week and the damage seemed to stop.  I was elated; I had just saved my young pepper plants from the ravages of the evil slugs!  Or so I thought.

I went out to the garden a few days ago to check up on things.  I water my garden every few days but pay little attention to the garden its self on those days.  Watering days are just that get in, water, get out.  I will, once or twice a week, take a closer look at the garden.  I was looking for weeds on this occasion.  Let me tell you those weed mats work wonders, not a weed in sight.  There were only a few weeds creeping in from the edges of the garden that I made quick work of.  I then turned my attention to the plants themselves looking for overall health.  One of the plants gave me some concern.  It is turning yellow, I am not sure what this is and have not been able to find out through research, but that is for another post.  bunny 2

 I began to turn my attention to the plants that had been damaged by what I thought were slugs.  I was horrified to see that there was even more damage!  I was baffled.  I checked with some of my more knowledgeable gardening friends for their opinions.  They all seemed to independently agree.  I was looking at damage caused by a hungry rabbit.  I am going to put a fence around the pepper garden and cross my fingers.  If this does not work I am not sure what I am going to do.  I do not want to turn into Elmer Fudd.  Although some would claim I already have.   I will be sure to keep you up to date on this situation, and as always, if there is anyone out there with suggestions, please comment and let me know.


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