My Indoor Adventure

I have written several articles about the pepper plants that I am growing in my greenhouse.  I have not yet spoken to my indoor plant.  I am growing several plants indoor.  I am growing a variety of herbs; I am also growing four Tiny Tim Tomato plants.  But since those are not the focus of our blog, I will talk about the one pepper plant that I have decided to grow indoors.  My Bhut Jolokea plant, more commonly known as the ghost pepper plant and before anyone even asks… NO I will not be eating them.  I will, however be cooking with them.  There will be some recipes to follow once I have harvested this plant.

indoor 1I must first confess that I did not grow any of my pepper plants from seed. When it comes to growing pepper plants, I am a novice.  I figured the easiest way to begin my project would be to order some pepper plants, plant them, and see how well it goes.  If all goes well then I will try growing from seed. They are all doing well so far.  I have had some problems that were discussed in previous posts with my outdoor peppers.  indoor 2

My indoor pepper plant seems to be doing great.  The only problem I am having is with the slow rate of growth.  It is definitely taking its time.  I have watered it and I do use some fertilizer, and it has responded well.  There are some dark burned parts on the older leaves but the newer leaves look fantastic.  I was trying to figure out what caused these burn spots on the older leaves.  I think I may have watered it and gotten the leaves wet, and the grow lamps caused the burns where the water droplets had settled on the leaves.  I have not gotten the plant wet since and there seem to be now.

indoor 3I am looking forward to getting some of these extremely hot peppers and showing you how I use them in everyday recipes to spice things up.  Until then I will post the progress of my indoor plant ghost pepper plant.


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